John Doyle, Featured Speaker, October 20th 2017 HGCSA Annual Seminar

John Doyle Bio

Manager, Simplot Partners Specialty Product Line.


  • Bachelor of Science, 1982, Horticulture, University of Nebraska
  • Master of Science, 1988, Horticulture/Plant Physiology (Turf grass)

Work Experience:

  • Family owned golf course in Southeastern Nebraska, all aspects of maintenance.
  • Research Technician for Turf grass Breeding Program during graduate school, development of Kentucky bluegrass and buffalograss cultivars.
  • Natural organic fertilizer company, product research & development/tech services/sales management.
  • Agricultural/T&O biotech company, biocontrol development/genetically modified organism development.
  • Simplot Partners – 15 years as sales manager / product manager for specialty line for products.