Pictures from the GCSAA Golf Show 2012 held in Las Vegas

Wishful Thinking in Vegas as always

From the Convention Center Floor

2012 Photos of the HGCSA Dinner held at Pierro’s Itallian Restaurant in Las Vegas

The HGCSA would like to thank all of the sponsors and people responsible for making this dinner such a wonderful event and experience. We would also like to thank Al Kakazu again for his continued effort in coordinating this event.

Golf Superintendents and families enjoying the attractions of Las Vegas

From left to right, Danny Sapp, Les Jeremiah Jr., Lance Sokugawa, Gary Allison, Rory Allison.

Father and Son time. Rory Allison and his dad, Gary Allison

Lance Sokugawa enjoying some quality time in downtown Vegas with his wife Tedynne Sokugawa.

Class Time!

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