Job Overview:
The Maintenance Superintendent is responsible for all the overall operations of the Maintenance Department, including managing expenses within the annual budget, supervision of employees, project management, and ensures high standards on the playing conditions for the golf course’s 135 acres.

Position reports directly to the General Manager.

Essential Duties/Functions:
Regularly communicates with the General Manager to discuss priority assignments to be performed on the golf course and provide updates on any issues or challenges affecting the golf course. Ensures that the crew understands their daily project assignments, time frame the work is to be completed, and monitors the completeness and quality of the completed assignment. Administers the collective bargaining agreement and discuss with the General Manager any personnel related issues and concerns.

Other Duties:
* Prepare and maintain scheduling of grass mowing (greens, fairways, and rough), fertilizing, insect and disease control spraying, weeding, trimming of trees and hedges.

* Performs daily turf evaluation, and if appropriate, take immediate steps to rectify the situation to ensure the turf returns to a healthy growing condition.

* Ensures that the bunkers are maintained with sand and raked, free of weeds, and the surrounding grass is trimmed.

* Consults with the General Manager to determine semi-annual aeration and tree trimming dates.

* Monitor the performance of the irrigation systems, pumping stations, and irrigation ponds and dispatch personnel to perform line and other necessary repairs.

* Prepare the watering schedule and monitors the electric kilowatt hours. Make necessary adjustments due to weather conditions.

* Responsible for preventive maintenance to be performed on all golf course equipment, repairs on performed timely, and purchasing quality parts are competitively shopped, including shipping costs.

* Ensures that the mechanic maintains the machinery and equipment warranties, operation manuals, and record of equipment repairs, including comments on breakage due to operator abuse or normal wear and tear replacement/breakage. Records are reviewed weekly. Discusses with the mechanic priority equipment repairs.

* Responsible that the OSHA/MSD manuals are updated and employees are properly trained to use the hazardous chemical and/or solvents. All employee training session are documented.

* Responsible to keep the general work areas orderly and any unsafe conditions are immediately corrected. Unsafe areas affecting employee and customer or potential hazards shall be reported to the General Manager.

* Maintains accurate records of all golf course maintenance equipment and inventory.
The General Manager is notified prior to any golf course equipment, vehicle, carts, and other previously recorded assets are disposed of.

* Periodically meets with product/suppliers/equipment vendors to learn of new product lines.

* Affectively seeks or negotiates prices when purchasing within purchasing

* Supervise employees, prepare work schedules, monitor performance, and if
necessary, administers disciplinary action.

* Performs other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions:
Be physically able to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions, on uneven terrain, under different light conditions.

Other Materials Used:
Position will be exposed to gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, lubricants, and solvents.

Work Shifts:
The full-time salaried position generally will have two consecutive days off and work may include weekends and holidays and emergency call back duties.

Physical Demands:
Requires standing for long periods of time and assists employees with tasks which frequently require lifting, pushing, and pulling up to 50 pounds or more. The position requires regularly stooping, crouching, kneeling, twisting, crawling to make adjustments to field equipment.

Must possess thorough knowledge of the maintenance of golf course tees, fairways, and greens and related areas; of the production and maintenance of the types of turf used on golf courses; of the planting, cultivating, pruning, and caring for plant, shrubs and trees; of various fertilizers based on type of grass and soil conditions; of herbicides and pest control methods and materials; of drainage control methods; and of watering and irrigation systems, including wells, pumps, and automatic controls.

Minimum five years of golf course maintenance is required of which 3 years shall be in a supervisory capacity.

The position requires a high school graduate or equivalent certificate. Graduation from a trade school in related subject area is desirable. A valid driver’s license is required.