The EPA Tier 4 standard and the impact on the Turf Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 diesel engine emission reduction mandate will soon have an impact on your business. Tier 4 compliant Turf Equipment, in the 25 to 74 horsepower (hp) category, manufactured after January 2013 will be better for the environment and healthier for everyone, but it will also cost more.

Understanding the financial implications of various compliance options – today – will allow you to evaluate all of your options, in advance, so you can make the most beneficial decision for your business.

The EPA Tier 4 Standard is about cleaner air!

All US regulated emission standards, including Tier 4 for off-road diesel engines, are extensions of the “Clean Air Act” (1963) which was enacted to reduce air pollution in the United States. The “tiered” mandates were put in place to progressively reduce the level of harmful emissions such as Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) that enter the air via diesel engine exhaust. The most stringent emission reduction mandate to date, is called “Tier 4”. The Tier 4 emission standard will reduce emissions of PM by 90% from current levels.

CLICK HERE to download the complete “Tier 4” brochure

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