2016 GCSAA Delegates Meeting Report

A few weeks ago I attended the 2016 GCSAA Delegates Meeting in Kansas as your representative and this an summary of that meeting.
. . . Russ


Eighty-two delegates from 84 chapters convene at GCSAA headquarters

Membership engagement and growth, advocacy efforts and an upcoming best management practices guide were among the key topics of the 2016 Chapter Delegates Meeting. The 82 delegates from 84 chapters also heard from nominees for the 2017 GCSAA Board of Directors. The two-day meeting, held Oct. 11-12 in Kansas City, Mo., and at GCSAA headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., also offered delegates the chance to discuss issues and provide input in small group sessions and during a “town hall” session.

Key Messages

  • CPI Dues Process– GCSAA has a long-term membership dues pricing structure that ties a proposed dues increase to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) . The GCSAA Board makes a recommendation to the membership on changes to A, B or C membership dues every two years based on the CPl. The CPI increased by 1.2% over the past two years and this translates to a proposed of $5 dues increase for A, B and c members. This proposed increase will be voted on at the Annual Meeting. The delegates also heard about a proposed Bylaws amendment in which the dues approved by the membership could not exceed the set amount. This would allow flexibility to offer introductory, reduced membership dues for new members or other entities.
  • Political Action Committee – GCSAA is investigating the possibility of resurrecting a GCSAA Political Action Committee (PAC) to further its advocacy efforts on behalf of the membership and remain the leader in advocacy for the golf industry. GCSAA stressed that if a PAC were started the money distributed would be to aid champions of policies that advance GCSAA ‘s priorities from the GCSAA Priority Issue Agenda, not a particular person or party. Staff will provide additional educational materials to each chapter before year end to help gauge the level of interest . Please contact Chava McKeel if you have questions about a PAC at 800-472-7878 or [email protected]. Your comments will be vital to shape the direction of this initiative.
  • Rounds 4 Research Auction -The delegates celebrated the success of the top 4 chapter fundraisers in the 2016 R4R Auction. Chapters are encouraged to find a champion – a delegate, the president, chapter executive- someone who will spearhead the initiative in their chapter. 2017 Auction will be April 1-9. Chapters just need to recruit the rounds to donate – GCSAA administers the rest of the program. Call or email Mischia Wright, Associate Director, EIFG at 800-472-7878 or [email protected].
  • Member Engagement Through Committees and Task Groups – Delegates learned more about GCSAA’s committee and task group process. We are asking you to spread the word that GCSAA is looking for volunteers. The Call for Volunteers for 2017 will open on November 1. More information will be available on the GCSAA website or call our office at 800-472-7878.
  • Membership Growth – GCSAA has a renewed focus on membership growth and value. We need your help at the local level as we are working to achieve a set goal of 20,000 members by 2020. Delegates were presented with several different membership growth initiatives , including ideas to partner with affiliated chapters. Delegates heard about, and asked questions concerning, potential bylaws definition changes surrounding the ISM and EM classifications aimed at being more inclusive and introducing others to golf employment opportunities.
  • Department of Labor Overtime Rule – December 1, 2016 is the deadline when the new Department of Labor overtime pay rule goes into effect. The final rule will raise the exempt salary threshold indicating eligibility from $455/week to $913 ($47,476 per year). All golf facilities should come into compliance with this significant jump in the salary threshold in the next 6 months. GCSAA has provided a webinar and other important resources to help you get ready for the change at http://www.cgrcengage.com/gcsaa/Labor.
  • BMP Planning Guide and Template– Delegates heard about GCSAA’s 50 by 2020 BMP initiative. This aims to have all 50 states with a golf centric BMP program in place by 2020. GCSAA unveiled portions of its new BMP Planning Guide and online template which can be utilized by the chapters creating the state level BMPs programs. We will need your help at the local level as key constituents within your state and chapter will play a vital role in this initiative.
  • Interactive Meeting– Delegates took part in small group discussions and an interactive Town Hall with the GCSAA Board of Directors.
  • Candidate Presentations and Breakouts– the candidates for the 2017 GCSAA Board of Directors gave presentations and hosted breakout rooms for the delegates. The delegates were awarded ample time to interact and ask questions of the candidates . Those running for the 2017 GCSAA Board of Directors are:

    • For President- Bill H. Maynard, CGCS
    • For Vice President- Darren J. Davis, CGCS
    • For Secretary/Treasurer
      • Rafael Barajas, CGCS
      • John R. Fulling, Jr., CGCS

    • For Director (Six members are on the slate for three director positions)
      • Mark F. Jordan, CGCS
      • Jeffrey F. Millies, CGCS
      • Kevin P. Sundermao
      • Rory Van Poucke
      • John Walker
      • Jeff L. White, CGCS