Head Golf Course Superintendent

Carry out the maintenance program as planned by the Head Golf Course Superintendent, to assure that the standards required for a “Championship” rated golf course are maintained.

No. of Subordinates Annual operating expenses: 11 Full Time, 2 Part Time, 1 Casual

This position reports directly to the Head Golf Course Superintendent. Also receives direction from the General Manager.

The incumbent in this position must be capable of carrying out a training program for employees under him a laid out by the Head Golf Course Superintendent. The incumbent must have specialized knowledge and experience in growing and maintaining golf course greens, fairways, and tees.

The incumbent must maintain effective pesticide applications, irrigation, mowing and thatching programs as laid out by the Head Golf Course Superintendent.

The incumbent is responsible for overseeing the irrigation maintenance program laid out by the Head Golf Course Superintendent. The incumbent also is responsible for administering the golf course equipment maintenance program laid out by the Head Golf Course Superintendent.

Reporting to this position are (1) Equipment Mechanic, (2) Irrigation Mechanics, (4) Utility Workers, (3) Ground Section Workers, (3) Heavy Equipment Operators, (1) Lead Mechanic and (2) Sprayers.

1. Supervises fertilizing, pesticide applications, irrigation, grass mowing and thatching programs that will meet the quality standards required of a championship rated golf course.
2. Supervises the maintenance of pumps, irrigation systems, and automotive equipment to assure availability of equipment necessary for maintenance of the golf course.
3. Supervises the use of all pesticides and fertilizers and insures that all safety precautions are being used.
4. Supervises the use of all equipment and is responsible for implementing all safety regulations to minimize industrial accidents and equipment damages.
5. Other duties as assigned by the Head Golf Superintendant or General Manager.

1. Three (3) to five (5) years management experience in golf course maintenance and operations and supervisory experience.
2. Good verbal and written communication skills.
3. Knowledge of turf management and water quality testing programs.
4. Minimum 2 year degree in agriculture or related field.
5. Pesticide License.

Regularly requires standing, walking, speaking to employees and others, giving verbal instructions, supervising subordinates, exposure to sunlight and heat conditions, dust, dirt, wind and eye-hand-foot coordination.

Frequently requires sitting, riding and operating a golf utility cart or Cushman (sometimes on uneven terrain), use of a two-way radio, reading and writing in moderate amounts, bending, twisting, and reaching.

Occasionally requires use of a light utility pick-up truck, climbing, stooping/kneeling, squatting, crouching, use of a mulit-telephone, mathematical ability, talking to clients and/or vendors, lifting/carrying and pushing/pulling of up to 100 lbs. with assistance, exposure to fumes, gases, noise, chemicals and fertilizers, golf balls in play, wet and other environmental working conditions associated with working on golf course conditions.

Visual capabilities requires: good to excellent vision, depth perception, color vision, wide field of vision.

Job involves approximately 7 hours outdoors and 1 hour indoors.